The futur after Gargnano

The departure from Gargnano

20 years have passed since our arrival in the Convent of San Tommaso di Gargnano. It was then a semi closed and peripheral place. Today there is a lively, multicultural and friendly community.
But , by the end of this year 2020 the San Tommaso Convent must be left available for other projects and other managers. This decision belongs to the whole sphere of restructuring of the Franciscan network of Northern Italy. We accept it with difficulty, but also with serenity since we have learned to be thankful for what we received and also because we are awareof the fact that, sooner or later, our forces could not have supported this project much longer.
For now we cannot tell you much more, except that the community (Bruno, Fiorenzo, Piero, Roberto and Silvana, together with Ola) will move to Brescia, in the San Gaetano convent, in via Callegari, 7 – 25121 BRESCIA. Phone: 00-39-030-9179782

Bruno’s departure

From April 13th,  the statistics of deaths from Covid will have a very different resonance for us, because even our Bruno was overwhelmed last night while he was at the hospital in Esine (BS). We cannot naively believe that “it just happens to the others”. This time it happened to us, as it certainly did to you on other occasions. Today we are overwhelmed by pain, but we can only welcome it and wash it with our tears. We mourn his departure together, even though we know that he will always be with us because his legacy of love and commitment will always be the beacon that illuminates even the darkest nights. Thanks Bruno forever.
Bruno, friend, brother, companion, master.
You whose gaze has saved us from insignificance,
you whose word has preserved us from banality,
you whose moral courage has freed us from fears;
you whose love made us free


Thanks to all the many people who have sent us in diverse ways (emails, SMS, phone calls, social networks ….) a sign of their presence in our common mourning. We have been struck and impressed by so many, indeed many, signs of affection and consideration. And we are VERY grateful to you. We want to apologize to all those who learned the news brutally or expected to be better informed about Bruno’s state of health. Just know that the Newsletter reaches around 1500 people around the world.
Bruno fell on the afternoon of February 28, after having celebrated his last Mass at 9.15 am in the convent of San Tommaso di Gargnano. The fall resulted in a fracture of the humerus and right shoulder, as well as a brain hematoma. In the midst of our move, his family from Valcamonica came to us with great help, taking care of Bruno until the new headquarters in the San Gaetano convent in Brescia were ready. Bruno was waiting for the surgical operation in the Capriccio Azzurro nursing home in Boario where he stayed from March 9 to April 6. Unfortunately on 7 April he was hospitalized for Covid at the Esine hospital where he died on 13 April from cardiac arrest. In the Covid pavilion where he was staying, we were unable to visit him. Every day, however, he received our messages thanks to the printing carried out by his nephew Giordano and the subsequent delivery by Rinella, nurse at the Esine hospital. According to the nurse, Friend of Rinella, who regularly gave him these messages, he would have said that he had never felt alone.Bruno had not yet had the vaccination because when he was called for he was in the emergency room for observation due to the fall. We wanted to remember these last events to inform you and to avoid “fake news”. The  Spiritual testament that he left for us is a page of deep wisdom and high spirituality. He has been consistent with himself.
Bruno will always remain with us, because Love is stronger than death.

If you want to write a text about Bruno, please send it to by 15 May. We will put the texts together in a booklet at his memory .

by Petra Habenstein, COLORI

In the Christian world, one of the ways to honor a person’s death is to celebrate a mass in memory of him or her 30 days after the death. It is called the “rite of trigesima“.
It was what we also did for Bruno on Saturday 22 May at 6 pm, by meeting up in many in the church of San Pietro
d’Agrino in Gargnano.
To give the opportunity even to those who couldn’t
be there to be able to gather around Bruno somehow, the celebration is availabe (starting at minute 9) at the
following link:
The officiants are: don Carlo, don Francesco, brothers Enzo and Fiorenzo. On the organ: Bruno Marelli.
On our web site you will also find the Homily of fr Fiorenzo and the texts in Italian read by those who personally wanted
to tell Bruno something about their friendship. United  in his ever living presence, we greet you with the Franciscan salultation “Peace  and Good“, to which Bruno always added “to you and all your beloved ones“.