The futur

The departure from Gargnano

20 years have passed since our arrival in the Convent of San Tommaso di Gargnano. It was then a semi closed and peripheral place. Today there is a lively, multicultural and friendly community.
But , by the end of this year 2020 the San Tommaso Convent must be left available for other projects and other managers. This decision belongs to the whole sphere of restructuring of the Franciscan network of Northern Italy. We accept it with difficulty, but also with serenity since we have learned to be thankful for what we received and also because we are awareof the fact that, sooner or later, our forces could not have supported this project much longer.
For now we cannot tell you much more, except that the community (Bruno, Fiorenzo, Piero, Roberto and Silvana, together with Ola) will move to Brescia, in the San Gaetano convent, in via Callegari.