Welcome on the web site of the Centre européen de Rencontre et de Ressourcement (last updated: April 2022).

With the closure of the Convent of San Tommaso (December 2020), the activities and hospitality that were placed here were also suspended. The last Program has stopped on 2020. As there is no new project in sight for now, we can’t even tell you what will become of this beloved place.

This web site, which we want to keep available for now, will therefore be above all a site of memories, like a photo album to browse when you feel the need.

We thank all the people who shared time, effort and hope with us. As our Bruno would say, “grammar does not accredit it, but to hope is the present infinitive of the verb to live“. Good memories then become fertile ground for continuing to believe because we “have seen and can testify that a world of” peace and good “can exist and thrive”.

If you want to have a look about our first 10 years of life (2001-2011), please watch this video.