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Who are we?

from left: Roberto, Bruno, Silvana, Piero, Fiorenzo (2020)

Bruno and Fiorenzo OFM. Piero, Roberto, Silvana collaborate with a rich network of friends and associations concerned with social projects in various European countries. During the many years spent abroad we became deeply involved in the themes of multiculturalism, Europe and peace. Our work resulted in the creation of several social and cultural initiatives.
After the establishment in 2001 of the European Centre of Gargnano,  our activities become focused on supporting the growth of Europe and taking up some of her challenges: the European citizenship as built from various values and forms of democratic participation, the multicultural society (from the European motto “United in diversity”), the dialogue among religions, and the nonviolent solution of conflicts of interest (positive peace). After a long involvement with social and cultural issues, we intend now to integrate the same commitment with a spiritual dimension, thus intersecting the horizontal axis with the vertical axis. Continue reading Who are we?