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3. Where are we?

The convent and its spaces

ediThe word convent derives from the Latin con-venire (to get together). It simply refers to a meeting place. From their origins convents reserved therefore a space to accommodate travellers and for long time they were considered a safe haven for asylum seekers. A convent is indeed the ideal place of rest for modern pilgrims, those searching for meaning and those tired of all challenges. Continue reading 3. Where are we?

From doing to being and viceversa

ediThe Centre européen de rencontre et de ressourcement, located in the Convent of St. Thomas, is intended as a ‘second-level agency’ that is, a resource for any association, especially those with a social and cultural aim. Thanks to the skills of its members and the network of European experts at its disposal, our Centre initiates and/or accompanies projects, supports international partnerships, promotes permanent activities for education, training and information. Continue reading From doing to being and viceversa

Program 2019

Sen Shin (Heart Purification)
Akiho Tamura, 2017
12-14 April

Zen Meditation Practice Days managed by  Delfina Lusiardi- Center Durchkeim- and Akiko Tamura (Shodo Masteress) . Program
For informations :mail to Delfina Lusiardi or phone (++ 39 – 333.1551487

16 of May,  8.30pm, Sala Castellani – Gargnano:
Europe: it is worth the trouble ?

Animation by  Franco PANCIERA, Communication’s Service of the European Parlement  in order to be more informed for the 26 May European elections.
Evening program

7 July at 9.15
In Sint Thomas Church, Holy Mass in honor of the feast of the patron St. Thomas, evangelizer of India.
 San Tommaso
thursday 4-11-18-25 in July
thursday 1-8-22-29  in August
from 9 to 12.30
from 9 to 10 yoga practice (option) with Silvana Panciera
from 10 to 12.30 prayer and meditation od the Holy Writings with Bruno Ducoli, ofm or Fiorenzo Reati, ofm
12.30 community diner (option)
Please if possible, phone before to  0365-71104
2016 Giovedi in convento
July 26 to 28

Yoga workshop : “The Thomas Gospel and India. Christianity and Indian spirituality compared” with Antonia Tronti

15 September at 5 pm

In Saint Thomas Convent’s Cluster. Concert managed by  Associazione culturale In Musica Limes

l'Archange Gabriel by Marì Samuelli
Gabriel Archangel, icon
by Marì Samuelli
Meditations with the  Angels

Sessions with  Mara Castellini in September- October
For information or (+39) 331-2161012

3 October 8.30 pm

S. Francesco by Petra HabensteinFranciscan Liturgy remembergin the Sint Francis passage to other life, by p. Bruno Ducoli, OFM  in the Saint François Church in Gargnano



Saturday 5 October from 9.30 to 12

In the cycle “approching Islam“:  Luis Massignon: the” Muslim Catholic “in the heart of Islam with the presence  of the Salesian Don Vittorio Pozzo, living for more than 60 years in the Middle East.
Presentation folder

6 October 9.15 am

Sint Mass in the Sint Thomas Church with the Gargnano Choir directed by Maestro Angiolino Cerruti, to pay homage to Sint Francis  feast.

31 December 11 pm
(the church will be open since 10.30pm)

Vigil prayer  in the Saint Thomas Church, animated by  gong of Franca Ghia and other etnic instruments of Roberto Mora. After that, a toast in the Convent to welcome 2020 .

If no other indication, all the activities take place in theS Centro Europeo – Convento San Tommaso, via Poggio degli Ulivi, 6 – 25084 Gargnano – tél. 0365-71104

If you select the red texte, you will get the programme of the mentioned activity or the Web site of the mentioned person.




Broad horizons

On the basis of the skills of our members, resources are offered in the following fields:

An intercultural society : resources and contacts with associations to strengthen projects and methodologies to build a culturally pluralist society.
Contact : Bruno Ducoli –

A nonviolent society : cultural projects promoting nonviolent solutions of conflicts of interest through a knowledge of human nature.
Contact: Piero Giorgi –
To open his web site

Harmony in everyday life : collection of beautiful and interesting objects belonging to the world of (instruments of work, instruments of measurement,laces and fabrics, tiles…)for exhibitions.
Roberto has donated his collections – about 9,000 ceramic tiles collected in 30 years – to the Fondation Roi Baudouin, a prestigious Belgian national institution, so that they may be preserved and exhibited in Belgian museums. The Fondation has created a dedicated web site ( where you can find almost all the pictures of the tiles and where each of them will have a technical card. The site is in 4 languages, English, French, Dutch and German, the languages ​​of the major tiled collectors. You can admire the beautiful tiles by selecting them either by manufacturer or by country.
We refer with delight and satisfaction to the words of Mario Baeck, a leading Belgian tiles specialist, who evaluated Roberto’s collections when he says: “Roberto is a born collector who, besides the search for technique, production methods and functionality, was first attracted by the beauty and intelligence contained in those productions.
Photographic views of the daily beauty
Contact: Roberto Pozzo –

The Europe of citizens : action and cultural projects to improve knowledge, motivation, and participation among citizens concerning the creation of Europe.
Contact: Silvana Panciera –