From doing to being and viceversa

ediThe Centre européen de rencontre et de ressourcement, located in the Convent of St. Thomas, is intended as a ‘second-level agency’ that is, a resource for any association, especially those with a social and cultural aim. Thanks to the skills of its members and the network of European experts at its disposal, our Centre initiates and/or accompanies projects, supports international partnerships, promotes permanent activities for education, training and information. For this purpose we intend to be:

– A permanent facility for the development of the local community.

– A place to accomodate groups attending seminars, conferences, working groups to articulate and evaluate projects, in which one combines practical action with personal growth.

– An opportunity for international gatherings to present everybody’s experience in perspective and to enhance ongoing or planned collective actions, in the light of different European contexts.

All of these activities can be organised autonomously or in collaboration with a member of our group, and/or be guided by experts of various nationalities selected by the Centre