Broad horizons

On the basis of the skills of our members, resources are offered in the following fields:

An intercultural society : resources and contacts with associations to strengthen projects and methodologies to build a culturally pluralist society.
Contact : Bruno Ducoli –

A nonviolent society : cultural projects promoting nonviolent solutions of conflicts of interest through a knowledge of human nature.
Contact: Piero Giorgi –
To open his web site

Harmony in everyday life : collection of beautiful and interesting objects belonging to the world of (instruments of work, instruments of measurement,laces and fabrics, tiles…)for exhibitions.
Roberto has donated his collections – about 9,000 ceramic tiles collected in 30 years – to the Fondation Roi Baudouin, a prestigious Belgian national institution, so that they may be preserved and exhibited in Belgian museums. The Fondation has created a dedicated web site ( where you can find almost all the pictures of the tiles and where each of them will have a technical card. The site is in 4 languages, English, French, Dutch and German, the languages ​​of the major tiled collectors. You can admire the beautiful tiles by selecting them either by manufacturer or by country.
We refer with delight and satisfaction to the words of Mario Baeck, a leading Belgian tiles specialist, who evaluated Roberto’s collections when he says: “Roberto is a born collector who, besides the search for technique, production methods and functionality, was first attracted by the beauty and intelligence contained in those productions.
Photographic views of the daily beauty
Contact: Roberto Pozzo –

The Europe of citizens : action and cultural projects to improve knowledge, motivation, and participation among citizens concerning the creation of Europe.
Contact: Silvana Panciera –